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[SCAN] Super Junior Pets Journal 091021

Super Junior Pets Journal
T/N: Xiaobian is the writer.

Super Junior, South Korea today’s popular boy band, they are not just an idol group, they are also a pet-lover, and half of the members are pet owners. As for what kind of pets they raise? Pet species, measurements, how much is their love for each other? Today, we will have an inventory.

Super Junior, not only their friendliness to the fans, even showing loves to their animals, half of the members has their own pet. Their love index can be described as “bursting lights.” Therefore, SJ is divided into two parts, respectively reported members of SJ keeping pets and non-pets keeper who is suitable to raise what kinds of pets, the following SJ’s Record:

Kim HeeChul

For Heenim, (known as Kim Heechul) listed first of compassion is certainly well attested. Although, Heenim is a mischief and a little temper but he is definitely a kind hearted person, therefore we see stubbornly Heenim who has his tears streaming down the face upon seeing the blind girl “Ye Eun “ who plays the piano. Seeing how busy Heenim is, he would still took out his time to write a diary for Heebum(Kim Heechul’s Russian blue cat) And in the episode of “Intimate Notes” seeing how he sincerely expresses his apology towards Eunhyuk.

Heenim precious is a Insensitive Siamese cat and Heebum (full title Han J Fan)* a Russian blue cat, but since Insensitive went off, Heebum becomes the conceited first cat and even Hangeng’s Pomeranian, Rong Rong has to respect him. Being favored degree can be inferred.

SJ No. 14th member’s Heebum, the beautiful appearance may not lose to Heenim, the one with silver glory blue superficial knowledge, that pair like gem clear green eye, slender four limbs, the most who made one gasp in admiration, Heebum has five features that looks like foreigner, such fine profound actually did not lose the Oriental exquisite, this probably was so-called “thing resembles main human form”, because was purebred Oriental’s Greece in Heenim also frequently is taken for is the foreigner or the person of mixed blood.
The Russian blue cat was known as “Cat aristocrat”, the lost Siamese cat was crown by “prince” this reputation among the cats world, in addition Heechul the princess, and also Yesung being called “cloud” by the fans, it seems like SJ is not only a compassion day group, is a royal court day group.
*Hangeng + J + Kim Bum

If you don’t put Ryeowook as the second place, I am afraid the entire Elfs to be paraded through the streets to protest. Ryeowook addition to his electronic instruments unusual voice to attract everyone. What’s more of his shy and gentle personality. Ryeowook is a gentle and considerate person, a standard “house husband”, and will manage their hyungs meals, will be concerned with the daily routine of his brothers. Just like Japan the Hachiko*, waited senselessly at the lift for Lee Teuk to come down. And if you ever watch ” Exploring Human Body ” EP 13*, everyone should know that Ryeokwook is a person who is afraid of dog, nevertheless he adopted Teunshil and Ddabong because of his good nature there is no way he is letting these two pitiful dog to stood regardless of.
Ddabong is a Yorkshire Terrier, although he looks very cute, but it got abandoned, and physical already weak because of Ddabong long-term street life becomes moribund. Ryeowook has been carefully cared for Ddabong, Ddabong is having fever, and Ryeowook has been fanning cold for it, afraid of Ddabong having cold, he insisted no air conditioning for Ddabong. Nevertheless, Ddabong still left at the Bench in the hospital, Ryeowook hang down his head low for a long time with no speech. Perhaps because of unexpected bad news that he was shocked speechless, perhaps the hearts of guilt that he did not know what to say, perhaps choking the throat so that he could not open, we can not speculate Ryeowook’s feelings during that time, but we can experience, despite the chance to spend time with the Ddabong is so short, Ryeowook has paid a very deeply about its feelings.

This is the episode of EHB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXH4DAOwKPg
* A Japan Drama called ” Hachiko: A Dog’s Story ” and the dog is named Hachiko.
T/N: Thanks Ali for the help, Ryeokwook doesn’t own a dog of his own. Ddabong and Teunshil are both from Animal Farm.


Hankyung has 3 sons —— Maomao, Rong Rong and Rider. Maomao and rider is both a Pomeranian, while Rider is a lovely healthy Husky breed. Within these three sons, the most popular would be, second son Rong Rong. Its handsome appearance gotten favorable criticism, but more people talked about is Rong Rong with Heebum (Kim Heechul’s precious cat) the model for interaction. In fact, Heebum gets along with Rong Rong is entirely reproduce the lives of husband and wife Hanchul, Heebum always provoke Rong Rong, Rong Rong always ignores him but if her tolerance is reached she would flip out. Heebum is clever, he would walked off and waits for Rong Rong to less her anger, he would once again attack her.

Xiaobian personally believe that Rider and Hang Geng are most likeable among the three sons, despite that Rong Rong has the “ Dog Popularity” Rider not only has Han Geng’s handsome appearance, furthermore compared to the same handsome Pomeranian Rong Rong, it’s king style is soft and thick behind in the dust.
Husky naturally friendly, gentle personality traits are also like Han Geng, in one of the episode of “SJ Full House” Han Geng treated two of their new female roommate very good, without the big stars look, and also would take the initiative to cook Beijing fried rice for them to eat. Moreover, Husky dogs are very alert and like associating, it does not appear to guard the territory and would not create too much suspicion of strangers, nor will it attack other dogs. Smart, gentle, passionate, is a suitable partner and loyal workers.


Have always felt that Donghae and the, “Detective Conan” who plays Kudo looks alike, with a clever looking, especially in the “Full House” to see Donghae playing football that scenes, Xiaobian more laid this conviction.
Many had say that Donghae is a Prince, no wrong that Donghae appearances is little like the prince , but his temperament are more like a good big boy next door, or in schools, a very cooling senior. But no matter how, the fairy will still likes this hardworking Donghae.

Donghae has three dogs, named Bada, Meo, and the Jiuwei Hu*, which is very low-key, temporarily not exposed to. But Bada and Meo are often on screen, are popular in the hearts of fans. Bada and Meo is a West Highland Terrier, small and exquisite size, character gentle, lively, funny wizard faithful to the owner and cheerful, just like a kid who doesn’t grow up and is always stick to a person, no wonder Bada and Meo are Donghae’s favorite.
West Highland White Terrier is a pleasant companion, is a suitable family dog, a small body filled with Scottish Terrier’s natural disposition, determination and loyalty. They are a good outdoor dogs, agility smart, very smart, and have what it takes for a indoor pets, faithful, there is understanding and dedication, but also lively and enthusiastic.
*I’m not too sure about that.

Rabbits and dogs friendly to each other are not surprising, but a rabbit who can keep a dog is then a great wonders. In the group of SJ, there is a handsome bunny named Sung Min, who had raised a dog, named Ali, Yorkshire, and also adopted a Dachshund named Ari from Animal Farm.
Ali’s name originated from a pure Korean, meaning “Fighting,” Although Ali is very naughty, had once bitten the bed sheet and spoils the remote, but Sungmin still treated with loves towards Ali. As for Ari, is adopted by Sungmin and Ryeowook in the animal farm. Compare to the pitiful Ddabong, Ari is very healthy, very lively, but it is also the most troublesome, at everywhere, defecation, urination, and even climbed to Lee Teuk’s bed to urine. Although the two Babies had let Sungmin a big headache, but at heart Sungmin still love them. When the Princess had disappeared, Sungmin still burning with impatience to look for it everywhere, it looked like a missing boy’s father. There is such a good diligent and talented handsome dog father, Ali and Ari can be really happy ah!


Among SJ, Yesung are the most unusual, not only like to touch other people, humor is also not the same with everyone, and therefore calls he a Weirdo is understandable. The hoarse voice peaceful disposition, causes Yesung, in super junior who has too many handsome guys in the group, the feeling of existence has becomes weak. But, just like Yesung (artist’s sound) this name is the same, so long as Yesung opens his mouth to sing, you are not then able to neglect his existence, without Yesung, possibly is not today’s SJ.
Quiet Yesung, one has spare time will stay in the room to see whether he wants to read books or to borrowed DV; Active Yesung, there will be a lot of weird ideas, and want to move around, or buy pretty clothes, he is a very trivial person. Perhaps it is precisely because Yesung is too different, and unlike the others members who has cute cats and dogs, but he has a Turtle name “Ddangkoma” (also translated as “small runt”). Ddangkoma and cloud (Yesung nickname) elongated, like the eyes, personality, and Yesung is also the same as a low-key quiet voice (meaning: do you see a turtle that chip like a bird?) In the episode of <COME TO PLAY> he revealed that: “When I saw Heechul hyung becomes happier after raising the cat, so I would like to take a pet to kill my loneliness too, but did not expected that after keeping Ddangkoma he becomes even more lonely because of its silence.” Till here, has his independent mind and action shocked you ?

Source: PCLADY
Translation: lovemiko@sj-world


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i`m watching animal farm right now (:
sungmin is so lucky to pick a healthy dog like ari.
but for ryeowook.. it`s so sad that he lost ddabong in his life 😦 even though they spent for a short time together, wookie`s love for ddabong is always there! 🙂
while i`m watching AF, my tears are starting to fall.. );

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green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those :;-

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