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[TRANSCRIPT] Super Junior Exclusive Interview with Thailand Channel 5’s iTeen

Super Junior Exclusive Interview with Thailand Channel 5’s iTeen.
Interview at Yamaha Fino in Last Year 🙂

M = Male Interviewer, F = Female interviewer, SJ = Super Junior
EH = Eunhyuk, SW = Siwon, LT = Leeteuk, SD = Shindong, DH = Donghae

M/F: สวัสดีครับ/ค่ะ[1]! (Hello!)
SJ: สวัสดีครับ! (Hello!)

M: Look at their greeting KEKE
SJ: We are Super Juni…or!
M: WOW! That’s great [2]
F: All right, let’s sit down and talk.
EH: Ah~ I feel very hurt on my leg.

F: Ah~ Coming to Thailand this time. What are you doing at Thailand?
LT: Filming the new Fino’s CF, sir. But this time we don’t come with 13 members. We just come with 5 members.

F: Well, there’s 3 CFs that you guys have filmed. Have you ever seen it?
LT: Yeah, I’ve seen it. I’m happy and funny. I’ve seen the photo that my friend took it [3]. I’m jealous a bit. When I saw them wear the helmet.. I wanted to wear it too. That’s why I come to here, sir.

M: Ah~ Let’s ask to Siwon. Siwon has ever been the Motorcycle presenter. Have you ever seen Thai friend [4] ride it?
SW: Yeah, I’ve seen it. Like today while we’re going from airport to the hotel, I saw fanclub rode the Fino followed to us too.

M: Gratefully.
F: Gratefully.
SW: น่าปลื้มใจ [Gratefully] [5]

M/F: Hahaha. น่าปลื้มใจ [Gratefully] [5]
SW: I was really very greatful when saw everyone rode the Fino who’s not our fanclub[6]. Even they didn’t know us but they chose the Fino for ride on the street.

F: They do the work a lot such as singing, dancing and having the concert etc. I wonder know do you guys want to do another?
SW: Such as Shindong, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. They like something about machine but I think I should let them ask by themselves.
LT: Right now. I’m intend to read a book. I’m really intend with it.

[Pop up message appeared: Is it really Eunhyuk?]

SD: In fact, he’s just bought the new video game, sir.

[Pop up message appeared: Shindong answer truth!]

All: Hahaha

M: Let’s talk with Shindong, if there’s Thai girl sit on Shindong’s motorcycle and sing Super Junior’s song. What does Shindong will sing what?
SD: Because I can’t stop thinking to you. I’ll make you wanna be my girl. *He’s singing the song* Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! [7]

F: I’ve heard that Super Junior is fluent at dancing, just show us some.
EH: *Look around*
SW: You!
SD: Just stand up!
EH: Must have some girl.
SD: Here she is. *Shindong pointed to Female interviewer*

[Pop up message appeared: This girl… who I’ve to dance with?]

F: Let’s continue to as….

F: Well, next question. Do you have any message will say with fanclub?
LT: Well, shortly. We’ll come back again in Motor Show 2010 [9] I need all friends give us a lot of love and this year I need all fanclub don’t forget to follow us about our new album.

F: I need you guys wave your hand and say ‘iTeen~’
All: *Wave their hands* iTeen~!
SD: *Stand up and walk to camera*
M: Hey, come back!

F: Does he call or blow us away?
All: LOL
SD: Ah Ah, call call

F: You can see about talent and skill of Super Junior and being the presenter don’t mean only they[Super Junior] are popular Korean singer but they’ve got good skill.
M: That’s right.
F: They’re sing a song well, they’ve good habit, they’re cute and friendly.
M: Yeah, can feel from interview this time and their coming to Thailand for much time. Anyway, thank SJ Super Junior very much! Thank you!
F: Thank you.
SJ: Thank you.

[1] “ค่ะ” <Ka> for FEMALE “ครับ” for MALE. These will only appear on the end of the sentence which show politeness of the sentence, it’s also mean ‘Yes’ or ‘Year’
[2] Interviewer means when SJ said ‘OR!’ SJ will show all their 5 fingers.
[3] Leeteuk didn’t film with other members.
[4] Interviewer don’t mean Siwon’s real friend but he means ‘Fan club’
[5] น่าปลื้มใจ read [Na-Pleum-Jai] its meaning is same to gratefully: D
[6] His meaning is including to all people that except the fanclub.
[7] He makes sound like Motorcycle’s sound.
[8] The reason why all laugh because before female interviewer will ask next question. Donghae turn her hand and that show the question script which female interviewer writes on her hand.
[9] It’s finished.

Credit: here
Thai to English translated by sonethloveshizz at sj-world.net


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