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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, `The Reason Why I Got Close With TRAX’s Jay Is Because Of A PG19 Broadcast`

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is from the same company as TRAX

Kim Heechul on the 8th of May has appeared on SBS ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ as a special guest on TRAX’s stage and made the audience surprised.

On this day, MC Kim Eun Jung asked “How did you come here” and he replied “Whilst preparing for our album, I made time so that I can stand on stage with them, but I got here through “Chocolate'”. After saying that, he said that he got close with TRAX’s Jay because of a PG19 program.

He said “(During trainee days) I was in a dormitory with DBSK’s U-Know Yunho and Super Junior member Donghae,” and “One night, I was watching TV but Yunho and Donghae went and I was left behind with Jay till the end. After seeing each other in the eyes, we spoke to each other informally and we became closer”.

That day, in the broadcast, TRAX’s Jungmo played SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ and played Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ especially for Heechul with a guitar and dragged a lot of attention. Then, Heechul danced and sung at the same time.

You can take a look at Kim Heechul and TRAX members’ friendship on ‘Kim Eun Jung Chocolate’ on the 8th of May at 12:20

Translations: seungeunlee @ SJWORLD


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