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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul & TRAX ‘After watching a PG19 Broadcast’
May 10, 2010, 10:08 am
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TRAX and Kim Heechul both appeared on the night of the 8th on SBS ‘Kim Eun Jung’s Chocolate’. MC Kim Eun Jung asked how a band and an idol got close together and Kim Heechul replied: “We hid our faces, and since we were all guys it was awkward” and started the story.

TRAX’s Jay explained “On TV there was a PG19 program that the adults watched. We watched it together and an hour later, the others went and we were the only ones left and we saw each other in the eyes. Since then we asked each other ‘Do you want to eat?’ and then we started to speak informally.

TRAX and Kim Heechul are in the same company and they have been close together for around 10 years since their trainee days. But, when the audience that came to ‘Chocolate’ heard that it was a PG19 program, they all exploded with laughter.

But then Kim Heechul said “It is not strange, why are you like this. Like as if you have never seen this before.” and “Since I am an idol and I experienced something new, my face became very hot. So we watched for an hour and a half. ” He took the scene again and made a sea of laughter.

This day, TRAX and Kim Heechul sang Ja WooRim’s ‘Hahaha Song’ together and made the audience enthusiastic and made ‘Chocolate’ a hot place.

News Source: http://media.paran.com/entertainment/newsv…%D6%B4%CF%BE%EE
Picture: Mydaily
Translations: seungeunlee @ SJ-WORLD.net

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