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[TRANCRIPT] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Leeteuk In Sukira ` Eunhyuk’s Troubles With His Smile’s Eye Wrinkles` 100505
4. Eunhyuk’s troubles with his smile’s eye wrinkles

Eunhyuk: Recently, I’ve been really mad.
Leeteuk: Because of the zhusamin


Eunhyuk: Yes, I’m very serious. A few days before, I’ve went to the beautician to get a beauty cream.
Leeteuk: Yes.
Eunhyuk: Because when I smile, I have eyes wrinkles and that’s what getting me all worked-up.
Leeteuk: Truthfully, in the beginning, Eunhyuk didn’t really care about it. It’s because the people around him are always talking about eyes wrinkles, that’s why he’s angry.
Eunhyuk: Yes! Recently, that’s what’s happening. It brings anger to me.
Leeteuk: Well, actually when you smile, you eye wrinkles are nice.
Eunhyuk: Hum~Oh… I’m still angry.
Leeteuk: After, if you straight them back, the shape of your face won’t appear natural anymore.
Eunhyuk: Ah… This is still making me angry.
Leeteuk: If you really aren’t satisfied, just go to the beauty salon and get rid of them.
Eunhyuk: Just then I’ve heard people telling me to do it. They say one injection and it’ll be done.
Leeteuk: Why? Because Eunhyuk’s smile is too shiny. His teeth and his eyes also are very pretty. Recently, it’s because people around are saying eye wrinkles, that’s why when he smiles, he grasps here. Before, when Siwon, Kangin or Heechul were smiling, weren’t they smiling like this?
Eunhyuk: They were really smiling like that.
Leeteuk: His smile is really shiny, but after people see it, they would talk about his eye wrinkles. After that, he would start to care about it. I saw him so nervous about them, so I told him if they really bother him to go get an injection for that.
Eunhyuk: It’s true, I really started to smile like this with my hands on here.
Leeteuk: You look like an idiot, don’t be like that.
Eunhyuk: I know it. Okay. It was really consoling. Thank you!


I seriously have no idea of the meaning…. I someone does, please tell me~

Credits to: onlyhyukhae
Scanned by: onlyhyukhae
KOR – CHI translation by: 移花宫 @ onlyhyukhae.com
CHI – ENG translation by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net

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