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[UFO] Super Junior’s Ryeowook Best UFO Replies
May 14, 2010, 10:17 am
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ELF: In my dreams I saw Ryeowook oppa with abs! It was totally cool!!
Ryeowook: Soon [I will have] abs ^^ Look forward to it~~

ELF: Oppa~~ You’re doing good, right??ㅋ I miss you ㅜㅜ*
Ryeowook: I miss you too^^<3*
* In Korean, this could also be literally “I want to see you”.

ELF: I’m still 17 but I now have to go live in a school dorm ㅠㅜ Worries worries!
Ryeowook: Hm~~~ Be careful! Always think of oppa!!^^

Original Source: SJ’s UFOTown
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

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Ryeowook oppa!!!!!!!!!!! 당신을 사랑합니다 그리고 당신은 건강을 유지하는 희망. 내가 슬픈 제가 너무 멀리 너희들 미리 형성하다보고 살아있어. 왜 너희들 미국으로 수행하기 위해 온 거요?
Hwaiting oppa!!!

Comment by Yoshi

I love you and hope to keep you healthy. I’m sad that I’m too far away to see you guys preform alive. Why would you come to the United States to perform?

its’a a great message to wookie ! 🙂

Comment by jereca213


Comment by Yoshi

he is so cute i really like him
but i wanna ask how can i talk to them like that?
what i have to do ?
pls tell me

Comment by TMPGIRL

I think, you need to have account on UFO. Then, just message them…

Comment by jereca213

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