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[INTERVIEW] Accidents in broadcasts? No worries… Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has taken over the Radio
May 18, 2010, 6:01 pm
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SBS PowerFM ‘Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet’ has retuned on the 29th of March after 4 years. Very expecting from the start ‘Super Junior’ Kim Heechul. After one moth of broadcast, I have a feeling that “2 o’clock escape Keoltu Show’ has moved to 8 o’clock’ ‘A bit close, but a moment that doesn’t pass the line is the best’ ‘It’s obviously Kim Heechul’ and that an ‘addiction’ is starting. “I really wanted to return as a DJ”
We met Kim Heechul live in the studio on the 26th of April.

▶ “People told you not to fool around, but are you not worried about me?

You became a DJ after 4 years. How did you manage to host a radio show?
“4 years ago I hosted “Kim Heechul Park HeeBon’s Youngstreet” when I debuted as Super Junior and when I started to appear on Entertainment Shows and on Sitcoms. I was out of my mind and busy, so I had no time to feel the charms of the Radio. I could only do one live program every week, but after doing programs I missed the radio. So I wanted to do it again.

Close colleagues gave me advise and said “Please do not cause problems”…
“I never caused problems before. (Seems Unfair) right? What I am saying might be indicative, but that might not cause any problems. I keep my actions freely but I keep what I definitely need to keep and this is my pride.”

My first day DJ-ing, FT Island’s Lee Hongki told me to read the read the script and do the broadcast, ‘Epik High’s’ Mithra Jin gave a picture diary as a present to do reflections.

4 Years ago when hosting the radio, the mood swings were serious, so it was known as ‘Kim Ki Bok’, was there a famous know-how to this?

“They said, if you shut up you get to do something. There are times when there is on energy, but now I tend not to show it. Of course, when I sing there is no such aura. Anyways, since I am hosting a radio, I am really happy. Truthfully, when I am on the radio, there is like a movie scenario. There was a situation where I had to choose in between the two. I really wanted to be the main character of the movie, but I though I should film a better movie next time and just decided to do radio.

What kind of broadcast do you want to make?

“At first, for the 4 year return, I wanted to make the progress slowly and quietly. But, when I thought of it again, there was no need to be like that at 8~10pm. Lots of people listen to this on their way back from work. On their way home, they must be tired and exhausted so I thought they would want a broadcast which will be like an energy pill. Although I hear lots of stories about being out of my mind, I want to make a broadcast that make people laugh.

Is there a corner that reflects your ideas?
It is “Children fighting in the bluff world (heoseochunha yoo-ahdokjon)”. The corner is pretty mcuh bluff. The first guests SNSD’s Sunny, Supreme Team and I have had a meeting to talk about this. The next corner “Binary Love” was from my opinion. This time, Mithra and Yoona came to help, but the professional ending shouldn’t be gone.

“Why is “Children fighting in the bluff world” once a week…

“This corner is very senational. In broadcasts, there is no none who is condescending. I put my personality into this corner and say “I am so handsome” “I am mad because I am famous”. With this I even send a story. So, the guests also get involved: “Show pride of your appearance in front of me” and the corner continues… We have to act like this, but there might be guests who haven’t got friends like this. It is awkward for me to do this alone… I think I will be resurrected one day. I should plan out the guests well. Ah, who should I call?”

Probably because of Kim Heechul’s unique tone and speaking, the manager next to him started laughing. Kim Heechul asked “Hyung, why are you laughing?” and her replied :No. You are doing good. Continue” whilst holding in his laughter.

▶ Our Sangmi… MyungMin Hyung… Wanlee… There is no end to the “Hee Line”

You have recently started Twitter

It has been not a long a time since I have started Twitter but it is hard. I turns over the fashion. The TV in our dorm doesn’t work properly, I can’t use my touch phone, We have a huge window, but the black curtains cover everything, so I can’t see the weather outside. Computers are used for games, but I watch the news from time to time to see what is going on in the world and so that I can give humor or negative comments.

Don’t you take care of your news articles?

I don’t look for them. Are there articles with the same story? When I first debuted, I took care of them, but it was much more comfortable to keep it away from my parents.

Although ahead of articles, you say ‘There are no articles with the same story’ and ‘People ignore celebrity news although it is circulating them’. So I was thinking if one of those celebrities will be Kim Heechul.

Radio guests: Jang Geun Suk, Kim Jung Eun, Jea, Jessica, Donghae, Lee Honki, Mithra etc… the ‘Hee-line’ has been mobilized. What are we waiting for in the ‘Hee-Line’?

It would be cool if Nam Sang Mi came. But Sang Mi is filming a drama right now… and it would be cool if Kim Myung Mi hyung came. Lee Wanlee will come. Kang JiHwan hyung is also filming a drama and is busy… anytime…

I haven’t seen the ‘Chocoball’ members in the radio today.

Ah chocoball. After one meeting we disbanded. Reason? I am like this. If I want to see them, I see them and if I don’t want to see them, I don’t.

Chocoball is “A little bit psyco but more attractive once you see them” meeting where blood type AB’s meet. The members are singer Jo Sung Mo, FT Island’s Lee Honki, Epik High’s Mithra, SHINee’s Jonghyun, Nassun, Kim Heechul. 6 People.

The ‘Hee-line’ doesn’t seem to have any girls.

“That’s true. That’s a bit disappointing. After meeting up, there were lot’s of blood type AB people and with the hyung’s we wanted to do something but there were no girl celebrities with AB blood type. I felt bad. In Hongki’s birthday, only guys met up and it felt really depressing. Is Wonder Girls’ Sohee an AB blood type?

It is known that Kim Heechul is a fan of Sohee. “I have never had the chance to meet her and I felt really shy, we couldn’t have a proper conversation”.

▶ “A “Young” that only Kim Heechul can make.”

If Super Junior is soon having a comeback, the schedules wouldn’t be that balanced..

We have most problems on a Friday 8 o’clock in a live music program. My manager hyung was joking around saying that after standing on stage, I can go straight to the radio broadcast. Although I am recording in a Music Program, I really want to do radio broadcasts. Music programs are important but Radio’s are also important. But, I am putting my name into this radio so this is a program.

After Super Junior’s 2nd Album, ELF’s (Super Junior Fanclub) started to buy the album and shouted “Kim Heechul Nice’, after the release of the 3rd album, crawling on 4 feet and crying ‘Meow’. What will happen to the 4th album?

It just came out like that. The fans really gave commands and uploaded them in a video.
After watching that I have a feeling that I should be careful with what I say. Hahaha, I don’t know what will happen to the 4th Album.

Heechul-sshi has ‘Youngstreet’, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk-sshi have ‘Kiss The Radio’ and Shindong has ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’. This is like a Super Junior Radio war but do you give each other advice?

“No. We talk a lot about guests. If I said IU, After School came they would ask if they are pretty… In our age, we talk about what guys talk about. We don’t say anything about our work. We don’t say ‘I don’t think its you’, ‘I think you are doing good’. We just stay ‘So cool’ and laugh around.

What kind of DJ do you want to be?

“A radio that only Kim Heechul can do. If I do my hair, wear clothes, do entertainment, stand on stage I want to show who I really am and work hard on it. It is important that I admire someone and want to be like someone, but I want to try my best and want the other people to see me and think that they want to do the same thing. So, I should work harder and better. Looking at it freely, but also to keep what to keep and not to say the wrong things.

▶ Be it heaven or world, Heechul rules ? Be it heaven or world, youngseu (youngstreet) rules !

After the 10 minutes of interview ended of the broadcast, Heechul moved seat in the studio. He went to the artists and looked through the radio schedule for the week.

Heechul: “Uh? Heo-Se-Chun-Ah (Radio program) disappeared.”
Jun Jun Shil(Writer): “We were working hard in the meeting. We were trying to save it and we started writing it a week ago. Did you see a writer like this? haha”
Heechul: “I was thinking about a guest… someone not mean. So for this ‘After School’ Nana or ‘4Minute’…
Writer Jo Hyun Jung: “You do it oppa.. you do it..”
PD Heo Geun Wook: “Heechul, before the broadcast you always read the script. Why are you like this today?”
Heechul: If I look at it before, the radio’s charm disappears.”
PD Heo Geun Wook: “So you are like this..?”

Kim Heechul talked to the writers like as if in a meeting, but after 3 minutes, he went back in the booth. Inside the booth, the conversation was still going on between the writers. As soon as the ‘On Air’ light came on at 8, the conversation stopped.

That days guest was Actress Lee Hae In. Fixed guest, singer IU was a DJ for ‘Chin Chin’ at the same time, so Lee Hae In was invited instead. Kim Heechul and Lee Hae In came in first. Kim heechul always hides his face, but the worse thing was that Lee Hae In was late.

The crew became desperate and they told Kim Heechul that she didn’t come and he shook his head. “Today it is raining a lot so I’ve heard that Lee Hae In will be a bit late. Lee Hae In-sshi, it’s ok to be late so please drive safely and come slowly. Please come before it ends.

Later, Lee Hae In had a conversation with the crew and cam into the booth. Since they met for the first time, there was an awkward era. Kim heechul’s face became red and became shy. But a pro is a pro, as the ‘On Air’ sign came, the awkwardness fell apart. Hechul told Lee Hae In “You have such an attractive charm. I like tough people” and acted imprudently. When songs came out, both people were frozen. Their heads were on the scripts and one word didn’t come out of their mouth.

Heo Geum Wook PD who couldn’t hold it anymore said “You have to advertise festivals in the middle of songs!” and laughed. The writers also said “From today, Heechul’s seems dead” “Atmosphere of a blind date” and Kim Heechul slowly agreed “Today there is a strange feeling”. Since the beginning”.

Kim Heechul showed signs of being tired. He ended the broadcast with his ending comment “Be it heaven or world, young-seu (youngstreet) rules, young-seu daebak”.

The broadcast ended, but it seemed like Kim Heechul had more to do. As soon as he got out, he started a review with the crew. “I think you got behind because of the guest” “No it was good” “It’s not good because it was just about a girl?” “Hahaha”

After 20 minutes of the conversation, the broadcast really ended.

News: DongA News – Thanks to Venus
Translations: Seungeun Lee @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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