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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk, SuJu’s Single Concept Is Revealed “Miinah’s Concept Is A Chef”

Leeteuk, SuJu’s single concept is revealed “Miinah’s concept is a chef”

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk’s 4th album concept revealing has become a topic of conversation.

Leeteuk on the 13th at dawn(,) the picture on Twitter “Miinah first brod(casting) concept(,) it’s hard to believe right??..” are the words he left with a picture(;) is what he has uploaded.

In the picture, Leeteuk is in white clothes with yellow as the point(;) was the given cooking attire(.) He is there with a cooking knife to his his own neck(.) It’s a very comic pose. Leeteuk (says that) it is Miinah’s concept which is (hard) to believe.

The fans did not believe Leeteuk’s words only gave a cute response is what (you) can see. On the afternoon of the 12th(,) “Miinah’s” music video full version was released(.) After (the) release(,) chic(,) all black suit imaged Super Junior’s new image was revealed.

Twitter visitors (said) “(The) knife is dangerous be careful”, “Leeteuk chef is too cute” ect words are hot resonses that were left.

Also, Super Junior’s 4th album “Miinah” on the 14th at <Music Bank> will be where the first brodcast is expected to be at.

Credits: source.
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net


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