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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Donghae `SuJu Is Number 1. Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum I love you”

Donghae “SuJu is Number 1. Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum I love you”

Clinching the number 1 spot just one week after their comeback, Super Junior’s member Donghae’s love towards the three members who are unable to attend activities has caught people’s attention.

After “Beauty” from the fourth album won the first place on the 21st’s KBS Music Bank, Donghae expressed his bliss through his words and photo upload on his twitter. The photo upload showed Donghae along with members Leeteuk and ShinDong happily kissing the trophy.

Donghae’s comment which directly mentioned the names of the three members who were unable to perform with them, Chinese member Hangeng who is going through contract termination and Kangin who is in the middle of reflecting over his actions, was what which specially caught people’s attention.

Donghae said, “SuJu won 1st place. Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum I love you. From now onwards, we’ll work hard together.” Donghae also mentioned “No matter what others say, we’ll go by our own path.”

Besides that, Super Junior is a 13 member group, but only 10 of the members were involved in the making of the fourth album, the number of members attending activities is also 10. Kangin plans to join the army, Kibum is said to be placing his focus on acting and Hangeng is currently going through a lawsuit against SME. Nonetheless, the fact that these three members are still part of Super Junior has not changed.

Source: SJ Baidu Bar
Korean to Chinese translation: 焱子@ SJ公会
Chinese to English translation: bulletproof@sj-world.net


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