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[NEWS] Super Junior `Public Propose? It was Possible Because It Was Shindong
May 29, 2010, 7:41 am
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Super Junior members have revealed their thoughts on Shindong(real name Shin Donghee)’s thanks to propose.

Super Junior met with the reporters in Seoul Kangnamgu Ahpgujung on May 20th afternoon confessing their thoughts about the public propose.

Shindong has received attention when he wrote in codes in the 4th album thanks to, ‘I’ll love you forever. Let’s get married.’ Leader Leeteuk(real name Park Jungsoo) said, “it was possible for Shindong who is familiar. It has actually benefited Super Junior’s image.”

It has become known that the members gave their blessing saying, “get married this year.” Heechul(real name Kim Heechul) said, “if he shows living happily, the adults will love more.”

Does other Super Junior members have an intention of publicly proposing like Shindong? Heechul said, “I was interested in doing it, but after seeing Shindong, I don’t think I can never do it.”

Donghae(real name Lee Donghae) responded, “when we get married won’t we do it?.” However, Eunhyuk(real name Lee Hyukjae) carefully responded saying, “I can’t decide on my own. I have to be considerate of the other person.”

Heechul who knew about Shindong’s thanks to propose way before said, “I approved becuase it was cool but, when I looked at the translation it was a sight to see. I did not know that he would even write the name and say I’ll love you. Let’s get married.” After seeing it, he revealed that he called Shindong right away.

If Shindong gets married will the members sing a song at the wedding? The members said, “we would become stressed that we might not go,” but they each chose a song that they would sing making people laugh.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is becoming popular with their 4th album title song ‘Miinah.’

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ sujuism.blogspot.com


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