i love minhyuk babe!


i wasnt able to speak about SUPER JUNIOR because i was so busy in school.

it’s like I’ve made the decision that not to make this blog as it used to be, i mean, this blog will not feed you something like it used to be. but it will feed you the thought that comes from the deepest part of my heart 🙂

okay, i’ll start with KANGIN
we all know that he just entered the military last June 11, 2010. There is a big possibility that when he come back, he will change alot and he will be the most respected SUPER JUNIOR MEMBER.
but for now, i’m praying that he is compatible and comfortable on what and where he is right now, i know that feeling of being alone in a crowded place ; I don’t know how to make friends when they’re not the one approching me but i know and i believe in KANGIN that he’ll make a memorable memories in staying with his co-armies because he is just the most talkative and itching tongue among all the members.

HANGENG the beijing fried rice PRINCE

this member is the most controversial member of all, not because he did something bad but he did something for his own sake.
i know, the feeling of HANGENG in requesting a termination and i know that reasons why and it is because of his health and for his the right of being a Chinese citizen, we all know that even he requested this one we all know that he had fun with SME because what you see in the top is the one who build the name SUPER JUNIOR and i’m very thankful about it. I know, so far, SME did something good with hangeng but it not enough compared to the treatment to the other members.

I hope he will make the right decision, I want him to be with Super Junior again but when we talk about health, much better to leave that to sacrifice his self.


i miss KIBUM thats all i can say because not being with the ACTIVITIES of super junior is not a problem for me because like what he said, acting is also part of super junior’s activity.



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Kim Ki Bum will be back soon for the 5th album right ? And currently, he was in the super junior’s dorms.

Comment by Siti

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